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Stage: Beta

The Term PayAway™ and the™ brand were created in 2002 as a Proprietary suite of financial tools for Payroll and Payment Receivables exclusively by and for Nexcorp LLC and its subsidaries. The Java based PayAway™ platform can be utilized stand alone or as an integrated module of our proprietary TimePort™ GPS enabled Portable Job Tracking and Time Keeping Software currently deployed in mobile devices assigned to employees and subcontractors at all of our jobsites. All time, location, equipment, materials, personnel and other job specific criteria is transmitted to the TimePort™ DB and payroll and invoicing is automatically generated with little overhead while eliminating errors and abuse. At this time, the PayAway™ APS Automated Payroll System and PayAway™ RPS Receivable Payments System and the TimePort™ PTTS Portable Tracking and Timekeeping System are considered to be in perpetual stage BETA and are not available for commercial use or license by third parties. The PayAway Pro™ and iPayAway MPS MicroPayment Processing Systems are being developed in house for our online publishing network.


A Decade of Innovation

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